Engin Cycles


Have a well-loved bike already?
You can hold on it--we can help with the following conversions and repairs:

Want to try out a single speed/fixed gear?
We'll replace the droputs to make it a slotted drop.

Have an old road bike that needs cantilever mounts?
We can add cantilever mounts and rack mounts to further diversify your old bike.


We believe that a tuned-up bike is a happy bike, and we emphasize regular maintenance to keep your bicycle in check. For those bicycles in need of a little more TLC, we have the skills and the tools to perform a basic spoke replacement or a full-blown frame alignment.

One of our favorite tools is the Phil Wood spoke roller which has had a home in our shop since 1997. This machine has threaded thousands of spokes since it arrived, and we continue to utilize it daily as part of the hundreds of wheels we build each year.

In addition to the roller and the countless other tools we have on hand in the bicycle shop, we also have the advantage of a full machine shop thanks to our Engin Cycles facilities. This allows us to add cantilever studs, replace drop-outs, and add rack mounts, as well as check for proper frame alignment. We believe access to these added facilities puts us a step above the average bicycle shop.